Holina Youth Village

Holina Youth Village is located on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, in the hills of Bachana Willig, a pastoral spot, about 30 minutes from the international Larnaca airport.

Holina village is surrounded by orchards and lush Cypriot views, with a large pool, a spa jacuzzi and a Holina-style therapeutic sauna. We also have stables for horses used for equine therapy or other therapeutic riding experiences. We even have off-road All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV Quad bikes) for getting around.

Holina Village is a safe and contained space designed for young people from the age of 14 to 26, who are choosing to deal with their addictions, self-harming, stress, depression, anxiety, or traumas, making their lives difficult for them to deal with currently in their home environments. All our air-conditioned bedrooms are en-suite and tastefully decorated.

Holina Cyprus Open Day

Monday 30th Jan 2023

Memorandum of Understanding

between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus on the 25th of October 2022 at the premises of the British University of Cyprus. The purpose of the Memorandum is to provide a framework of collaboration between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus, in areas of teaching, research, science, innovation and applied experience, aiming to support the well-being of Holina Cyprus’s residents, to foster, as well as develop employability skills for youth and young adults who deal with behavioural health issues.

European Base

We opened the Holina Village specifically for youth and young adults because there are very few alternative solutions within the UK, Europe,

Israel, and the Middle East. Whilst we know that treatment for this age group is more challenging, we believe that by serving this under-resourced age group we can make a difference in hundreds and thousands of people’s lives – the residents’ and also their families.

The biggest challenge for this age group is usually their lack of significant enough experience and rock bottom, continuing to believe in their ability to withstand their destruction, and failing to reach their rock bottom, physically, emotionally, morally, financially, spiritually, etc. In most cases, the parents and family appear to want more for the resident than they appear to want for themselves, and hence the challenge is to inspire and motivate the patient into their desire to change – to recover.

12 Step Treatment

The Holina Village incorporates many aspects of the Minnesota 12-step method, a proven model used in thousands of centres worldwide.  At Holina we go a little further to deliver the trademark Holina feel – individualized care and attention within the group setting, using holistic healing alongside talking therapies. However, in the case of the Holina Village for young people, the community operates like a therapeutic community simultaneously.

The Holina Village has a team of professional psychologists and psychotherapists who are among the best in the world, with specific interest and experience in younger adults, alongside counsellors, instructors, coaches & mentors, all who have explicitly chosen to work with younger adults.

Continued Education

Because of the sensitivity of this particular age group, Holina coordinates with UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) – who’ve been awarded the maximum 5 QS Stars (excellent) for their International University programs.

Leading our residents through their continued education with certified courses developed specifically for Holina Village residents, as well as dozens of other mainstream courses that suit a broad spectrum of students. Furthermore, all residents may continue their studies with private teachers from UCLAN should they prefer.

Youth Addiction Today

Unfortunately, today’s young adults are exposed to numerous triggers every day, particularly from their smartphones and devices, so we end up treating issues including “screen” addiction, online social networks (FaceBook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc), porn, gaming, emotional eating, self-harming (cutting, burning, scratching, hair pulling, etc) and other time-consuming pastimes that seem to engulf our loved one’s lives and steals their hopes and dreams. This is of course further challenged by the current incoming era of marijuana availability, alongside alcohol and prescribed (and non-prescribed) medications, that are offered to our teenagers and treated like a rite of passage by their peers. This is now a truth for a large majority of our young people today.

Furthermore, sometimes due to the potency of the drugs available today, many of our loved ones experience severe anxieties, mental health complications and even psychoses, finding themselves locked up in psychiatric wards. Sometimes they threaten or even attempt suicide. These are worrying times.

There Is Hope At Holina

This is why the Holina Village in Cyprus comes to serve as a young person’s community, giving our residents a wider mental and spiritual support system that leaves our residents feeling safe, trusted, worthwhile and in a happy state, most of the time, managed by caring and professional hands. At Holina we emphasized a warm homely atmosphere where each resident receives person-centred treatment that is customized for them by the staff.

The treatment lasts between 3 and 6 months with a treatment journey that prepares the young people for their triumphant return to family and society. But to mention, even once someone completes treatment, Holina is still their forever home, with a permanent invitation for them to return whenever they want and come stay a few days, weeks, or months.

Why Holina Cyprus?

So why did we open on the stunning island of Cyprus? The island has a rustic and organic feel to it, away from most of the modern-day triggers, and is isolated enough to encourage our residents to remain in treatment rather than to run away when the recovery treatment gets tough. It is known that over 50% of people in local facilities abscond and leave against clinical advice because they are so close to their family or friends, or they know how easy it would be to buy drugs or find a dealer. So, we prefer to keep establishing our centre in beautiful surroundings that serve to support someone’s freedom from their addiction, rather than the challenge of trying to work on our addictions whilst being surrounded by the very things that put us in trouble in the first place.

However, we also acknowledge that Cyprus is a desirable location and that the family is never really so far away, so we can schedule visits and joint family care.

So, we invite you to consider a life-changing program, that simply requires an open mind, coupled with the willingness to heal. Let our skilled team help you get back to yourself.

Contact Holina Today

If you would like to know more about our Youth Village, please feel free to drop us a quick message here. Please fill in as many details as possible to help us understand your current situation and history.

Coming to Holina is more than just a life-changing moment. You will find support here for life. Even after completing your transformation, we offer support groups for continuing support on your journey going forward.

We Hope To Welcome You to the family!

Holina Cyprus FAQ's

If you are experiencing challenges or struggles in your life that are giving you uncomfortable consequences – for example, failing at school, getting arrested, hurting your friends or losing them, experiencing strong anxiety, self-harming, cutting yourself off from people and hiding, etc, then Holina Village would make a great place for you to transform yourself from unnecessary pain or discomfort and discover joy and vitality back into your life.

Holina Village is focused on emotional and behavioural health, including addictions, self-harming, anti-social behaviours, stress, diminished motivation, isolation,
insecurity, anxiety and other challenges socially awkward feelings or attitudes.

Our minimum commitment is 4 weeks, though realistically this is rarely enough time to bring about long-lasting change. Therefore we strongly suggest 6 to 12 months, particularly if they want to engage in the educational opportunities our partners UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) offer us. Whilst our minimum commitment is 4 weeks, many, probably most of our residents stay around 3 to 6 months.

We are a fully immersed residential experience, with a minimum of one-month commitment, though most residents stay for 3 or more months, often 6 months or even longer.
No one is allowed to visit unscheduled without an appointment, though family members are encouraged to come and visit on weekends, in the second month onwards.
It is important to us that we protect the sanctity of the Holina Village space and keep them safe.
We are not a daycare facility or outpatient service. We only serve those people looking for a fully immersive experience.

We encourage parents and adult family members to come and visit from the 2 nd month onwards at weekends. We offer Family Therapy during these visits (held over weekends) in both group and private settings. We understand that sometimes the whole family needs to heal, and we believe these therapeutically supported family sessions will help the greater family. Furthermore, we know that your success is significantly improved when family members are engaged in their loved one’s recovery.

Yes, you may, if you are above the legal age to smoke. Whilst we’d love to encourage you to quit whilst you’re with us, we acknowledge that many people do smoke. There is a dedicated smoking area.

Cyprus is a pleasant climate all year round. Certainly plenty of blue skies. It’s the warmest part of Europe during the Winter months. Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid–May to mid–October, and mild winters from December to February, which is separated by short autumn and spring seasons.

August is the hottest month in Paphos with an average temperature of 26°C (79°F) and the coldest is January at 13°C (55°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 13 in July. The wettest month is December with an average of 93.9mm of rain.

Pack as if you were coming on an adventure holiday to an island with plenty of land and sea-based activities. Dress casually and comfortably. It’s not a fashion parade but a small village of like-minded friends all hanging out together.

Bring activewear for workouts and other fitness activities including swimming, sports shoes, and light wear for yoga. We do physical activities almost every day, so bring a few pairs to allow for laundry times.
We have a safe to keep your valuables in, but expensive jewellery and other luxury items are unnecessary.

Toiletries: Please bring your toiletries and hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving materials, basic makeup, hairbrush, etc. Anything you forget we can purchase from local shops.

Medications: You are allowed to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications whilst with us, but please do bring proof of your prescription. Please keep all your pills in the original packaging so that they are considered authorized narcotics.

Kindly do not bring the following:

Alcohol or drugs: It might seem self-explanatory, but some clients may try to sneak in a last-minute hit, fix, pill, can, bottle, etc. Your bags and belongings will be searched when you arrive at Holina.

Alcohol or drug paraphernalia: This includes anything that advertises or glorifies the use of alcohol or drugs. This should also include items that display support for criminal acts including terrorism, sex, gambling, or other negatively perceived notions that could upset other residents.

Weapons: There is no need to bring any knives or weapons with you to Cyprus or treatment. They will be confiscated and destroyed.

Toiletries that contain alcohol: Leave any alcohol-based products at home, such as certain mouthwashes, nail polish removers, perfumes, and aerosols.

We cater to all dietary requirements, though we request that you inform us in advance so we can prepare. You can advise us of any of your specific dietary needs and we can manage them. We’re used to having people with all types of needs.

Our prices are all-inclusive and agreed upon based on your length of stay. Minimum stay in one month is €15,000, 3 months is €40,000 and 6 months is €70,000

We don’t have any hidden costs, though there are some costs that you should be aware of. Things that are not covered include:

We ask you to pay for anything non-detox or mental health-related, including your medications.

We also ask that you have travel or medical insurance in place before you come to us. This is really for any non-detox or psychiatric-related problems, like if you fall over and break your arm or some other uncalculated trip to accident and emergency.

We don’t pay for your flights to and from Larnaca Airport (LCA), but we will meet and greet you at the airport on arrival. We can also chaperone you door to door-from your home at an extra charge (calculated based on the distance/complexity).

Typically, our clients spend between €50 and €100 per month on personal items, such as snacks, sodas, cigarettes, some toiletries, etc, but it’s not necessary to spend any more.

At this time, residents of most countries around the world can come to Cyprus and achieve a visa upon entry. We will advise you on this process. It’s very straight forwards.
If you extend your treatment and need a longer visa then we will swallow this cost for you.

Holina Koh Phangan

Addiction Treatment Centre

Some of the world’s leading addiction specialists are some of the key components that lead to our client’s long term success.

Holina Retreat

Corporate Spiritual Retreat

Specialising in healing our emotions and expanding our spirit through our beautiful retreat in Koh Phangan.

Holina Global Locations

Holina Rehabilitation Services are also available in Thailand at our Holina Treatment Centre on Koh Phangan Island where we provide a holistic recovery program for mind, body & soul. A robust 12-step program, psychotherapy & trauma resolution, body movement, breathwork, somatic therapy, partially submerged in the pool, massages & physical wellness, art therapy, therapeutic activities, spiritual practices like meditation & mindfulness as well as a tailored post-rehab program – these are just a few of the main ingredients for the successful long-term recovery offered at Holina.

We also cater for the corporate and business world with our Spiritual Retreats at our forthcoming location on Koh Phangan Island.